Last Updated:
27/03/2019 - 15:48

Erasmus+ European Mobility Criteria:

 1. Erasmus+ European Mobility candidates (outgoing students) are required to have at least 3 elective courses in their curriculum that they have not taken yet. This criterion will be used as a red/green light criterion during the departmental evaluation.

 2. Erasmus+ European Mobility applications will be evaluated assuming only elective course credits can be transferred to their curriculum at METU unless the student proactively provides very strong documentation from both parties (host university and METU) indicating the possibility of transferring credits for required courses. Students who will transfer credits for required courses are responsible with consulting with the course instructors at both universities, gathering the proof/rationale for the course equivalence (letters from instructors), and submitting these documentation to the Department's Erasmus Coordinator.

Things to remember during Erasmus+ European Mobility application process:

 1. For your questions related to Erasmus+ Mobility, please first examine METU International Cooperations Office's website. Then make an appointment with the Department Erasmus Coordinator Assist. Prof. Dr. Şerife Sevinç and Erasmus Assistant Merve Dilberoğlu for meeting and asking your questions.

 2. For the courses that you may take in the host university, please consult with the Erasmus Coordinator at the host university. Erasmus coordinator at your department is not eligible for making a decision about which courses you will take at the host university.