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23/02/2024 - 18:02


  • The duration of the programs in our department is four years.
  • Since the education language in METU is English, students who have won our program attend the preparatory class.
  • Students who are competent in English can start taking the first-year courses by skipping the prep class if they get enough scores from the exam at the beginning of the academic year.



  • will take courses in the fields of ScienceElementary Mathematics, MathematicsPhysics, and Chemistry education, in addition to the courses including theoretical knowledge practical applications, and general pedagogy.
  • can also take elective courses from our department and other departments according to their interests and abilities.

Double Major and Minor Program Possibilities

Our department students can follow the courses in the double major or minor program by applying them.

Education in Other Countries

During their undergraduate education, students can study abroad by participating in the Mevlana exchange program or Erasmus+ program.

Job Opportunities

Graduated students can work as

  • teacher in public schools or private schools,
  • teacher in English schools abroad,
  • academician in universities in Turkey and abroad,
  • educational designer and education specialist in private companies developing educational content,
  • specialist in community and science centers.

Fiziksel Olanaklar

In addition to the three computer classes within the faculty that are offered to our students, there are 

  • Math Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry and Biology laboratories

in our department.